Dumpster Rental Video

Dumpster Rental videos – you know you wanna!

Bubba Tugs Dumpster Rental frequently takes delivery of entire truck loads of new inventory. Have you ever wondered what it takes to unload dumpster rentals that weigh up to 9000 pounds?! Probably not. But if you’re a kid like us, you might find some joy watching big boys play around with big toys. Watch as we unload new roll-off dumpsters for placement in our dumpster rental inventory, push some of your trash around, and even change some tires (and you thought your SUV was bad.)

Check out this D9 CAT Dozer at the Dallas landfill
A few new roll-off dumpsters arrive
Our first time to load a bub™ dumpster onto the back of a truck!
Birds love the dump
9000 lb, 40 cu yd roll-off dumpster = heavy metal
Changing roll-off tires for the big rig…Our tire guy, Peter, is amazing!
Unloading some new roll-off dumpsters

Dumpster Rental may not be exciting to most, but we love it! It’s like playing with big toy trucks as a kid and then growing up to realize you’re still a kid — only you have to take it slightly more seriously.

We never thought we’d be having fun as garbage men, but by watching our videos, you can see we do our best to make renting dumpsters fun.

If you need service in the Dallas or Fort Worth areas, please give us a call today. We may be able to get you a dumpster within hours. And if we’re too busy, we’ll get you one ASAP.

—Gib and Dave